Hello Kitty for Your Kids Birthday

My daughter loves Hello Kitty Birthday Cakes and Wilton did not have the nature of bread for this. So this Hello Kitty birthday cake made 12 “round cake and a little from the top and the bottom, more oval-shaped head. The leftovers I made the ears and hair.

Hello Kitty for Your Kids Birthday

I used the basic end of the star and buttercream frosting. Always use also gel coloring. Licorice Whips for whiskers (my husband had to pick them up at the store of sweets at the Mall-you can’t find them anywhere), Gummy peach nose and black giant candies for the eyes (also known as in-store Mall).

hello kitty cakes ideas
hello kitty cakes ideas

I have all my kids birthday cakes-I have four children-but it was more beautiful still hope that it will come out. Also used bleach powder to the white powder. Costs about $ 2.50 for cake decorating stores.

My daughter wanted a birthday cake Hello Kitty and i just don’t like those available in stores so I found a template for this cake 9 x 13. Just print and cut out templates that are online and the Arch candy M ideal M, whiskers are black licorice and eyes and nose are Jordan almonds. Hello Kitty has no mouth for what is not.

Everyone thought my Hello Kitty cake turned out so cute!

This Hello Kitty birthday cake was made using form Wilton 14 “. We have used different tips for Star and Buttercream frosting to decorate the sides of the cake. Hello Kitty face was presented with a large round tip with the tip in the shape of a star. Very easy to make and decorate. Birthday girl likes this.

To make the Hello Kitty birthday cake used two forms of 16 x 2 inch (Festival). Prepare cake according to directions of 4 boxes of cake. I used wax paper to line the bottom of the Pan, so that the dough does not stick, and it makes it easier to pick up a large bread cake. Divide the batter between the two pans and baked according to directions.

Also used two 9-inch form and 1 cake mix to the Hello Kitty head. I put banana pudding, fresh bananas and cookies crushed between two biscuits.

I have a stuffed doll Hello Kitty for my daughter to the head of Hello Kitty and put a little bit of paper to draw the shape of his head. Cut out and used as a template for a 9-inch cake.

Mixed in some pink dye to white frosting Hello Kitty Begins for the cake layer rose. Matt heads the white icing. To make it easier to spread the icing whipped from my mixer until it became light and fluffy. If consistency is still too thick, add a teaspoon of water to thin out.

On the face of Hello Kitty I used two black jelly beans jelly beans yellow nose, eyes, yellow jelly bean cut in half to the center of the flower and pink flower-coated candies 5 almonds. I used black gel tube to his mustaches. Make sure to begin their whiskers close your eyes not close or will not look at it. Then I used the tip to the end of the star around the face and on the sides of the bottom layer.

Hello Kitty for Your Kids Birthday

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